With the arrival of heat, many are those who try to remedy the suffocating summer afternoons. Fortunately, there are many options. Before choosing between ceiling fans or air conditioning should know a little more about both, because as in everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages.   Find out which of these two solutions may be right for your home.

Characteristics of ceiling fans

Advantages of ceiling fans

* The movement of the air disperses the heat, evaporates the sweat, and intensifies the sensation of freshness.

* They are quite aesthetic devices that also provide a decorative plus and adapt to any style.

* They can be used in winter reversing the direction of rotation, which will prevent the heat from rising.

* They help to achieve greater heating efficiency in winter.

Characteristics of air conditioning

Advantages of air conditioning

Benefits of using fan over an air conditioner

The air conditioning is adequate only for the days the hottest. For the rest, surely a fan is enough for you. A small investment in a fan can save you a lot of money on the electric bill.

They consume a much smaller amount of energy and therefore their global warming index is lower than that of air conditioners.

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